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Welcome to Angel huggz Adoption Services !
Are you Looking for a private agency?

Look no further

We work with a private attorney in India who handles finding the child, paperwork, and court apperances as well as final arrangements to have your child escorted to the US.

Can you provide a home for a child?

Currently we have 10 children ready to be placed 4 girls and 6 boys.
If you would like to be considered for one of these children scan a copy of your completed home study and to Attention Staff at  :

We look over your application than forward it to the attorney in India, he's pretty prompt at viewing the papers right away.
When he gives the ok. We will send you a doccument for you to sign giving him full power of attourney to proceed with your adoption.
At that time we will need to know the childs intended name, for birth certificate Prep.
From then the process usually takes only 3 weeks - 3 mos until finished depending.
You will than be given the date and time of your childs arrival to the closest destination near you.

Our Private Adoptions cost $ twenty-two thousand dollars, which covers all paperwork processing, court apperances on your behalf, legal services, and escort services to the US.
We require $ twelve thousand  down once we have located a child for you. The balance of $ ten thousand, will be paid in two diffrent transactions. When all paper work is done and child is ready to be escorted to the US $ five thousand will be due and the last final payment of  $ five thousand when the child is delivered to you.
Our escort will be instructed to collect the final payment when delivering your child and all the neccesary paperwork. This final payment will need to be in cash.

We hope you give your child the best in life. In India these children lead a life of poverty. Angel Huggz believes all children need to be hugged and loved and we do our best to find these children homes !

For photos of availible children visit our photo page, thanks and godbless

Feel free to contact us at :

Please ask for more info. We will send you a form that needs filled out and sent in with your home study

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May god bless each and everyone of you !