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Our newest adoptable kids

Please take time to browse our newest adoptable kids.

Remember all of these children are availible now and takes only 20 - 25 days to get your child to you.

Siblings, three boys ages 4,5 and 9

(1) Anand Sathe born January 5th 2000-The kid with blue top,the
(2) Sandeep Sathe born June 6th 1999-The kid with purple top.
(3) Deepak Sathe Born February 9th 1995-The tallest kid with red

Marima Jarjue

Marima Jarjue is 19 months old and is from gambia, she is a quiet child, appers to be in good health. She has been immunized. Shes just waiting for a place to call home. Would you like this child?









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