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Availible Children 2

Children availible for immediate adoption !

These children are looking for a loving family and a place to call home !

If interested please send us a copy of your home study to our email address listed on the front page, we will than send you a one page form to fill out so we can attache it to your home study and send to our private adoption lawyer so he can process your request.


Child 4865
This Childs name is Geeta Purohit she was born May 5th 2002, she is shy child, apears to be very brite. She is in great health and is current on immunizations.
Child 4866

This boy is a quiet boy his name is vjay,he loves playing with cars made from clay as well as sketching with sticks. He wants a new mommy and daddy who will love him ! He is 4 years old

Child 4867
This boy Rajee likes to learn new things and is eager to find a new home. He's a sad boy due to living in the orphanage so long. He needs a place to call home. A mom and dad who will love and support him.
Child 4868
This child is named Sheetal Zade she was born January 2003. She is somewhat a curious child loves adventure.
Can you provide her with a good home?
Child 4869
This baby is adorable and very alert, she is ready for her new family to adopt her. Shes a happy baby that smiles at almost anyone. Can you give her a home? Her name is Rashmi Pujari and was born January 2004.
Child 4870
This baby boy is alert, loves to play, crawls and is ready for a new mommy and daddy who will love him.
His name is Pashay. he is 9 1/2 mos old.
Child 4871
This baby girl is Ritu born 10/18/2003, shes a beautiful baby girl , shes a joy to be around.

Availible Children